7 reasons to have sex during pregnancy

Pregnant, you wonder about your sexuality. What if we told you that making love was good for your health… and baby? Here are seven benefits of sex during pregnancy.

To strengthen the perineum.

During an orgasm, the perineum contracts. This works this perfect muscle during and after pregnancy. Indeed, well-muscled perineum helps in childbirth. The perineum is mainly used during delivery: if it is well-toned, it will be easier to make it regain all its power after giving birth. Also, thanks to this muscular perineum, you will thus more easily avoid urinary leakage. So, don’t hesitate to train it by doing somersaults.

To keep self-confidence

During these nine months, your body will undergo certain transformations. If pregnancy is a fulfillment period for future mothers most of the time, it is also not uncommon for them to have a few blues when they see their bodies go through so much upheaval. Not to mention all the questions that pregnant women ask themselves—having sex while pregnant can help you continue to love your body and regain confidence.

To relax and sleep better.

Making love with your partner makes you feel good. It’s normal: your body releases an oxytocin hormone during sex, which helps relieve tension and stress. Your sleep will only be better!

To preserve the intimacy of the couple.

The future dad sometimes has trouble finding his place during pregnancy. You are the only one carrying the baby and undergoing physical transformations. Fulfilling sexual relations during pregnancy allows the couple to stay united and maintain their bond, which will often be undermined during the baby’s first months.

To experience even more pleasure.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, some women see their libido decrease due to fatigue and the first symptoms of pregnancy. But generally, the desire takes off once the fourth month has started. The explanation is hormonal: the nipples and the clitoris are more engorged, therefore more sensitive to the touch, and the estrogen level is at the top! These physical characteristics related to pregnancy make it easier for some to obtain orgasms and longer and more intense. 

For the well-being of your baby

Inside the placenta, in your womb, your baby feels your emotions. For example, if you have an orgasm, the hormones will trigger uterine contractions and rock your baby. If it’s for the good of your Loulou, you have no more reason not to let yourself be tempted by a part. Of your legs in the air!

To experiment with new positions.

A tiny (and then bigger and bigger) baby bump obliges; you will probably have to reinvent your sex life by testing new positions so that you feel comfortable. And if finally, pregnancy allowed you to spice up your sexual relations?

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