Eyelashes serum

Do you use eyelashes serum and do not find a result? Reason 3 mistakes you make. and this is the right way (Easy 3 Step Guide with Tips)

Long and voluminous eyelashes, the desire of most ladies! The means and methods that give you long eyelashes are countless, including eyelash extension oil or eyelash serum. But does it give you the perfect result? Many have tried this type of product and did not find a result; what is the reason? While applying eyelashes oil, many mistakes do not make you get the eyelashes you want. We will introduce you to these mistakes in the following and offer you the correct way to apply eyelash extension oil.

Mistakes you make while applying eyelashes serum.

1- Apply a lot of eyelashes serum

Many women think that applying an excessive amount of eyelash serum helps get longer and faster eyelashes, but this is not the case. A large amount of eyelashes serum slows down the process of lengthening them, so it is necessary to stick to a small amount only.

2- Apply makeup immediately after applying eyelash serum

Mascara and other makeup products applied to the eyes do not allow the serum to give the eyelashes the perfect result, as they were used immediately after.

3- Apply eyelashes serum without washing the eyes

Applying eyelash serum on top of other makeup products is a big mistake. Makeup products, especially those containing oils, prevent the serum from reaching the eyelashes, hindering eyelashes’ growth.

How to apply eyelashes serum

  • Wash your face well and remove makeup from the eye area altogether.
  • Put the serum brush in the bottle and remove the excess serum.
  • Apply a thin layer of eyelash serum to your eyelashes from root to tip.
  • Avoid applying eyelash serum to the lower lash line, as it does not come into contact with the eyes.
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