Nine weeks pregnant: What to expect.

Pregnancy is a life-changing journey indeed. One of the great things about modern science is that you can have a tab on what to expect each week during your pregnancy, and the 9th week is one of the most critical moments of your pregnancy.

When your baby completes the embryonic phase and develops into a fetus, your baby starts to feel less like a human being and a vegetable!

Nine weeks pregnant – what to expect.

Your Baby’s Development During Pregnancy – Week 9

Your child should now be about the size of a grape or olive, say an inch long. The baby weighs just 2 grams!

However, the 9th week of pregnancy is a milestone because the baby is no longer the fetus. During the embryonic stage, vital organs of the brain and heart are formed. However, the organs are included at the embryonic stage and are now created! The eyes (not the eyelids), muscles, and nerves develop.

What is the size of the baby?

The baby’s size should not be more than an inch long when you are nine weeks pregnant. Even though the vital organs and body are beginning to develop, your baby is still as big as cherry and weighs less than two grams.

Common physical changes

As your baby progresses from fetus to fetus, you too will experience some changes during pregnancy.

Some women may now have a slightly thicker waist. Your breasts will start to feel soft and sensitive. And Your weight will not vary much. However, some women may experience weight loss due to nausea/food cravings.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the 9th week

Common symptoms during the 9th week of pregnancy include the following;

  • Mood swings: Rising and falling hormone levels during pregnancy can often lead to unplanned mood swings.
  • Nasal congestion: High levels of progesterone cause inflammation in the nasal passages, resulting in nasal congestion.
  • Mild Inflammation: Progesterone reduces a person’s digestive abilities, making them feel bloated.

Belly at nine weeks of gestation

At nine weeks of pregnancy, your abdomen will not be much different than when you were not pregnant. If you do not gain weight significantly, you will become pregnant. Of course, you will notice that your hips have been slightly thicker. In fact, for obvious reasons, your abdomen should become firm when uterine inflammation begins. Many women may experience weight loss. This is very common because you have the urge to throw everything that goes into your stomach.

Ultrasound at nine weeks

This stage is one of the most productive periods of your pregnancy. You will be sent for an ultrasound that can hear your baby’s heartbeat! This ultrasound also contains essential information such as the condition of the fetus, the uterus, and most importantly, the duration of your pregnancy.

Your baby’s heart rate will be 130-150 beats per minute if everything goes well. Also, the ultrasound will determine your baby’s movement. That said, you will not feel the activities of your body for a while in your stomach.

What to eat

Women who are nine weeks pregnant usually have two reactions; Severe nausea or excessive eating. The latter is less commonly seen. Some expectant mothers may expect some weight loss due to the illness they experienced during this time.

Until the 9th week of pregnancy diet, you should split your diet six times a day because overeating at the same time can trigger you to throw up. Stick to a regular diet, but include proteins, nutritious vegetables, and fruits. Make sure you eat snacks as nuts are a good source of protein.

Choose healthy options and foods. It is better not to eat many sugary foods or foods with a solid odor to make you more nauseous.

Tips & Maintenance

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind at this point:


  • Eat nutritious foods at regular intervals to maintain good blood sugar levels.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
  • Meditate and do some yoga to avoid the ill effects of excess hormones.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Expose yourself to dangerous situations such as radiation affecting the baby.
  • Strict exercise routines should be discontinued as this can lead to dehydration or divert blood flow from the uterus.
  • Significantly reduce caffeine as it can cause insomnia.
  • Raw dairy products and unpasteurized milk should be discontinued as the microorganisms present in the milk can cause infections or food poisoning.

What you need to do shopping

The first thing you need to shop for now is a comfortable bra. As your breasts are already sensitive and soft and going to expand further, a supportive bra will help you feel comfortable.

If you have not already, buy some good books on pregnancy and parenting, as they can distract you from nausea and fatigue. This is when you start shopping for loose clothes, new pants, or a waist belt extension for most women.

Make sure you buy some comfortable body pillows as you need to relax a lot, and your current condition can be uncomfortable at times. Oral care is also essential, so store good toothbrushes and mouthwashes as your mouth will dry out.

Your skin will be dry, so it is essential to buy a good moisturizer. If you already have a sense of smell, try and find fragrance-free products.

The 9th week of pregnancy is when you think your body has its mind. Even if you do not feel pregnant, you are more likely to experience morning sickness, headaches, and other symptoms associated with pregnancy. This ensures a child-friendly environment as your body is pumping hormones at work.

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