Seven ways to overcome period pain, including taking nutritional supplements

Period pain is one of the everyday things that many women suffer from. According to research and studies, it is also called “dysmenorrhea” 50-90% of women suffer from menstrual pain of all kinds, including primary and secondary dysmenorrhea; in this report, we learn about ways to overcome Period pain in health.

There are two types of menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea:

Primary dysmenorrhea is recurrent lower abdominal pain during menstruation.

Secondary dysmenorrhea with similar symptoms but can be caused by health problems, such as endometriosis (a condition where tissue usually grows outside the uterus), adenomyosis (a condition where endometrial tissue stays inside the uterine wall and expands. Uterine wall), or uterine fibroids Growth that can develop in the uterus).

Take pain relievers

Pain relievers such as Medicines containing the active ingredient ibuprofen can help relieve menstrual pain.

heat use

Carrying a hot water bottle or heating pad to the lower abdomen can be good and may help relax the spasm muscles in the uterus.

Follow relaxation techniques

You can overcome period pain by following the techniques of yoga, meditation, and acupuncture.

healthy foods

Eating healthy foods can reduce overall inflammation in the body. Fish can be consumed 2-3 times each week. Eat more grains, vegetables, and fruits. A clinical study has shown that eating three to four servings of dairy helps some women with period pain…

massage therapy

Doing a belly massage with essential oils once a day for a week before your period can also help relieve period pain. Examples of essential oils that may help include cinnamon, cloves, and almond oil.

Nutritional supplements

Eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, including fatty fish (such as salmon and tuna), avocados, walnuts, olive oil, and flaxseeds.

Omega-3 supplements (sometimes called fish oil) can be taken.

There is some evidence that supplementation with vitamin E, magnesium, thiamine, zinc, and vitamin D can also be beneficial.

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