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Various diet theories can be confusing. New ideas are being introduced every month. How to find out which of these is right for you? Remedios shows the solution by presenting the opinions of experts.

After much research, we have concluded: that no single diet has any magical formula for health. You have to decide according to the nature of your body and the spirit of your stomach. You can take into account the key elements in various dietary theories that will keep you healthy, vibrant, and satisfied while at the same time protecting your skin and hair and planning your diet. To help with this, we describe five essential diets and get their pros and cons from experts. Consult your doctor about this and decide.

Diet: Vegan

This diet avoids animal products, including dairy products and eggs. Instead, it contains fruits, vegetables, greens, grains, and nuts. This diet considers not only food but also the environment. Like avoiding milk, it is essential to support sustainable agriculture and reduce carbon footprint.

Pros: “Wee Gun diet is cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat. This will help lower blood pressure. This type of diet is very suitable for those at risk of developing heart disease or cancer. Also, fruits, vegetables, beans, etc., are rich in antioxidants. They can protect cells from free radicals caused by toxins such as tobacco and radiation.

Cons: It is not easy to follow such a controlled diet. Because they avoid all kinds of animal products and accessories, including honey, it will be challenging to choose from your menu when eating out if you follow this diet. “There are wagon products that provide most of the nutrients. But it isn’t easy to find them. For example, iron and vitamin D. Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight, even in vegan products. Iron is also reminiscent of meat. But beans and greens are also high in iron. You can get more iron by mixing it with a diet high in vitamin C. Along with these, you need Vitamin B12. It is available only through animal products.

A healthy diet requires some form of protein. In the vegan diet, meat, which can provide protein, is avoided, so this nutrient must be obtained differently. So if you are switching to the Wee Gun way, you should take a lot of soy and beans. But meat substitutes may have been high in sodium.

Diet: Gluten-free diet

A gluten-free diet is devoid of grains such as wheat and barley. It is very suitable for those who can not digest wheat food and have minor intestinal problems. Contains non-wheat, rice, oats, fruits, and vegetables. Processed products should also be avoided. 

Advantages: Some people do not agree with gluten. This can cause damage. These will get better if you stop eating gluten. Channa warns that processed foods are high in gluten. “If you want to eat a gluten-free diet, you have no choice but to cut down on processed foods. This is good because the mixture of chemicals and synthetics will shrink. Overall health will also improve. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. There is a solution to the migraine problem.” It also reduces the chance of developing certain diseases. For example, you are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes or anemia. Even people with type 1 diabetes are advised to avoid bread. In addition, preventing this type of food can lead to a high-carb diet.

Cons: A gluten-free diet is high in sugar to offset the taste of certain products. The price may be extra as well. “Wheat is an integral part of Indian cuisine. Avoiding it can make things like semolina unusable. This can lead to vitamin B complex deficiency,” says Rita Agarwal, a nutritionist and fitness trainer. Malnutrition like folate is the most significant deficiency in a gluten-free diet. Most alternative foods do not have much folate. 

Diet: 5: 2 Diet

There are traditionally said to be two fasts without eating at intervals. This diet allows the body to use the energy stored in glycogen and fat as its primary fuel. Over time it reduces the chance of developing chronic diseases. The goal is to eat five days a week uncontrollably and not eat anything for two days. This will reduce the calorie intake below 500. 

Advantages: “This diet helps in weight loss and control, reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and lowers blood pressure.

Cons: It is essential to approach this very carefully if you have diabetes or have a sudden drop in sugar levels. “Any habit of jumping from one end to the other can be difficult for most people. They will soon go back to the old diet. It is also essential to understand what it means to eat regularly five days a week. When you focus on calorie intake, you may lose the nutritional balance.

Diet: Mediterranean food

Often, this is a diet that emphasizes plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. This diet makes way for the use of olive oil, canola oil, etc., instead of butter, and the use of spices and herbs instead of salt.

Pros: This diet is good for the heart. Unlike cholesterol-high fat diets, this diet lowers the risk of heart disease because it contains monounsaturated fat. “This diet is high in anti-cancer antioxidants as it reduces sodium levels by focusing on fruits and vegetables and promoting physical activity, and avoiding processed products.

Cons: The fact that the size of this diet is not defined can be confusing. Instead, it focuses only on the distribution of nutrients. No definition of calorie intake or physical activity is specified. This can cause problems. “In the Mediterranean diet, you can drink two glasses of wine a day. It is not suitable for those taking the drug or has other side effects,” said Channa. Also, this diet is set to be expensive. “If you want to lose weight, this is not the way. And while salt plays an essential role in Indian food, the part of herbs in it is high. Similarly, olive and canola oil are not suitable for Indian cuisine.

Diet: Non-fast food

This diet consists of 40 & 46 degrees centigrade heated, uncooked food.

Pros: In uncooked food, water-soluble vitamins are retained. It also excludes all types of processed foods from the diet. So it also excludes trans fat, fat, refined flour, sugar, and sodium. High in fruits and vegetables helps eliminate constipation and control cholesterol and blood pressure levels,” says Agarwal. It Contains healthy fats and fiber. Preeti Seth, cosmetologist and nutritionist at the Bacholi Spa and Wellness Center says the method helps with weight loss.

Cons: It can be challenging to get used to eating uncooked food. It takes a lot of encouragement, says Seth. And sometimes cooking increases the number of essential nutrients like lycopene. “Mainly when cooking, toxins and bacteria are destroyed. Stomach upset can occur when eating raw food. It is not good for our digestive system,” says Agarwal. One hundred percent uncooked food is not ideal for everyone. “In the long run, we need to balance cooked and raw food.

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