Things we misunderstand over time about sex. what is the truth?

Most of us have grown up learning about sex by keeping our classmates talking, reading magazines and books, and the Internet.

In fact, for most of us, the Internet is a great place to find out, even if you need to know about any news. This information center can be very prosperous. But sometimes, it can lead you astray. Many of us would love to learn about sex,

Six completely wrong ideas about sex

It is a natural phenomenon. But, many of us are still relying on misconceptions about sex. So, we have collected some of the misconceptions you depend on about sex for you. Be sure to read this post to know more about this.

More pain occurs when having sex for the first time.

It is a traditional story that when a woman has sex for the first time, there is a lot of pain. This may be true for some. But, they say women do not need to experience painful intercourse if they are properly lubricated (lubricated) or if they have enough sexual arousal.

Proper lubrication and sexual stimulation are considered the most important thing for a woman.

This can help reduce the intense pain a woman faces when having sex for the first time. Some may have a slightly painful experience. And a few will find it interesting to be involved.

The idea that you cannot change your decision after you have agreed

The consent of our spouse during sexual intercourse is one of the most important. We must emphasize this. If you change your mind while in the middle of sex, you can report it to your spouse. And tell them to stop having sex. Even if they desire to continue having sex, it is better to stop engaging in it if someone does not want to. Also, once you change your mind about whether you feel uncomfortable saying stop or for whatever other reason, your spouse must necessarily respect it. That is the beauty of a great life partner.

Placing the title based on sexual choice

Placing a title based on sexual orientation has never stopped. In particular, women decide to have sex before marriage or on other occasions. The negative connotation of the words thus occurred makes the women who engage in sexual intercourse ashamed.

Moreover, it makes them believe that their virginity determines their respect. On the other hand, those who do not have sexual intercourse and remain virgins of their choice are called “brutes.”

Also, when they want to have sex and with whom they want to date is their choice. People have no right to insult or call others by their sexual orientation.

Excessive sexual intercourse will give a loose vagina (vagina)

Why do you mistakenly think that someone is having too much sex in the first place? This is a natural feeling that occurs in humans. Also, it is wrong to think of such a disrespectful thing. Sexual intercourse may increase the function of the body and improve health conditions. And helps keep your hormones happy. Also, even if your vagina (vagina) relaxes after intercourse, it will not be a problem. The vagina is the muscles that stretch. They shrink and expand to facilitate comfortable intercourse. The vagina also relaxes due to childbirth. For that, it does not mean that we hate such an idea.

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) is not contagious.

It is always good to use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy. And I’m all aware of STIs. And this is true. However, we may always have a one percent chance of catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI) when one person comes in contact with another. The American Sexual Health Association said condoms were less effective at spreading STIs such as herpes and HPV.

Men like sex more than women

This idea is not entirely accurate. The fact is that men and women have sex equally. This kind of thinking portrays men as frantic sexual predators. On the other hand, many women report wanting to have more sex than they currently do. Also, there is nothing to be taught that both men and women want to have the same amount of sex.

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