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Baby Complementary Food> Most of the mothers in our country have the idea that babies cannot eat any solid or semi-solid food when they are young and therefore they cannot be given such food until about one year. But mothers should know that only breast milk does not meet the needs of children of this age. Along with this, the baby needs complementary foods. Because, children are growing and so are their needs. The mother’s body does not produce as much milk as the baby needs.

So after six months of birth the baby should be given extra food along with mother’s milk. Breast milk is low in vitamin C and iron. Cow’s natural milk is also very low in iron that’s why need to give the baby extra food only when he completes six months. They may suddenly dislike new foods, so build up the habit gradually. In this way, the other food that is given to the baby for the nutrition of the body apart from milk is called complementary food. Then find out what the baby’s complementary foods are!


Baby complementary foods

  • 1. A whole or half-boiled egg.
  • 2. Various greens and vegetables like spinach, red greens, data greens, puin greens and other dark colored greens, beans, papaya, carrots, sweet pumpkin, cauliflower etc.
  • 3. Juice of mango, lemon, pineapple, orange or any native fruit.
  • 4. Suji or sago cooked with milk.
  • 5. Soak soft bread in milk or dal and make it sticky.
  • 6. Grind the boiled potatoes and pulses.
  • 7. Dal with soft rice.
  • 8. Fish without cuts, liver of chicken can be boiled and fried.

How to get the child to eat food

  • 1) One meal at a time should be practiced.
  • 2) Start with a spoonful amount. Increase the amount gradually.
  • 3) First make the food softer and liquid if possible.
  • 4) Food must be fresh and fresh.
  • 5) Excess masala and jhal should be avoided.
  • 6) Present in attractive containers if possible.
  • 7) It is not right to force. The child should be interested.
  • 8) Baby’s bowl, plate, spoon should be kept clean. One who feeds must wash his hands.

It goes without saying that when a baby is introduced to a new food, it is very natural that he will not like the new food. But mothers should not lose their patience. Try little by little every day. Get help from toys or other people if needed. If he does not eat or eats little, leave the rest of the food and give him milk. Remember, breast milk needs are not met by the amount of complementary foods a baby eats. So give him breast milk for two years.


How to make friends with your child

1. Add interest to food
One of the problems that start from childhood is that children do not want to eat. So let the child eat as he likes. Eat at the dining table. The main step in making friends with the child is the dinner table. Do not go around the house or watch TV to feed. Get hungry. If necessary, skip one meal of the day, eat as much as you feel hungry.

Give variety of delicious home made food, present it differently, bring attractiveness. But do not give one meal every day. Develop a habit of feeding at specific times. Snacks like chips, fried type foods, the less the better. Make it a daily habit to eat more and more green vegetables and fruits.

2. Value feedback
Another serious problem with children between 2 and 5 years old is that the child does not listen. So see the child as a mature person. Consider children’s opinions. Don’t make such comments in front of them like, ‘He’s a child, he doesn’t understand anything/What will he understand?’ Build friendships with your child.

3. Keep the behavior right
Keep your behavior right. Because from this age children learn to imitate. Listen carefully to children’s problems. Even if it seems trivial, listen. Because that is where the seeds of big problems are hidden.

4. Do not over-regulate
Take care that the child never suffers from excessive discipline i.e. does not become depressed. Do not grumble in front of others. Don’t bring office or business tension home. Husband and wife respect each other. Your child will also learn respect.

5. Give small gifts
At this age the child develops various bad habits like finger sucking. Mudrasa is formed from the age of two-two-and-a-half years due to the anxiety, desire, lack of security in the mind. It is not possible to get rid of currency debt overnight. Give a small gift to relieve the money debt. Many children feel that they are not getting their love due to the loneliness of their parents.

6. bed wetting
Do paper toilet training to avoid bedwetting problems. Reduce water intake after evening. Get up once in the middle of the night and go to the toilet. Seek medical advice if the bed is wet after 5 years of age.

7. Give time to children
After the second child, parental care towards the first child wanes slightly. In this children suffer from ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This disease is caused by anxiety and depression. Can’t hold back confidence. So try to give time to children. 

8. Eliminate fear of school
Children feel uneasy when they enroll in school. It is very normal. Take it with you and wait outside for a while. Be aware of the school environment. Convince him that exams are not that scary to overcome his fear of exams. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get success. Don’t be afraid to be afraid. Thorns cannot always be plucked with a fork.

9. Give courage
Children cannot be scared by logic. Encourage children. Don’t discuss or laugh about things the child is afraid of.

10. Awareness of baby nannies
Working parents be aware of babysitters. Go back home in time and try to understand the situation.


For those who are fathers of little girls, there are some rules to understand

  • 1. It is through the father that the little girl begins to learn about male attitudes. Don’t want to be a substitute for mother. Instead, build friendships. The child’s favorite cartoon or hero is found from you because for a girl, father is the first super hero of her life. So be a friend first, a parent later.
  • 2. If the child learns to sing, draw pictures, try to match the rhythm with him sometimes.
  • 3. Just because you’re a man doesn’t stop you from being gentle as a father. This will increase the distance. Express affection.
  • 4. Girls love to be loved and cared for. This will strengthen the bond.
  • 5. Baba says solve problems by speaking openly without being bossy. Your right company will boost your daughter’s confidence.



Avoid seeing your child as a reflection of your unfulfilled dreams or desires. Teach to make decisions, help to make. Don’t force the decision. Encourage good work. Make sure that your child is not deprived of the joys or moments that you were deprived of. Realistically you can take proper care of your child.

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