Effective ways to stay healthy

Effective ways to stay healthy

Your health depends on you. As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. You can stay healthy easily if you follow some rules of your lifestyle. Not as a hard and fast rule, but rather as a habit to use as a daily routine.

Qualities of sunlight:

How much do we think about the role of light in keeping the body healthy? A proven fact – those who live in a room where sunlight does not enter, do not get sun, they lose a lot of body performance. So apply sun to your body regularly. But not much. From 10 am to 4 pm, the heat of the sun is the highest, so it is better to apply the mild morning or afternoon sun without applying the sun at this time.

Lack of sunlight can lead to depression. Conversely, sunlight helps overcome depression by stimulating hormones. Research has shown that sunlight is especially beneficial for people with arthritis who have low motivation to work.

Always be positive

A lot of what your body will look like depends on your attitude. If you really think you’re not good, then you really are not good. If you keep thinking that you are beautiful, then you must understand that your body is in good health. In other words, your mind largely determines how your body will look. Because it is also true that only the power of the mind can cure many diseases or ailments. So develop a positive attitude. If you suffer from mental stress, your body will suffer from disease and aggravate the problem. So reduce stress.

  • Listen to melodious music while relaxing.
  • Take light jumps, drink slowly through a cold drink pipe for about five minutes, as long as possible.
  • Close your eyes and think of a number, keep thinking, you will see that your mind is empty except for that number.
  • Tighten all the muscles of the body once and relax immediately. One by one, tense and relax the muscles of one place, such as arms, legs, shoulders, neck. If you do it a few times regularly, you will surely benefit.

Pay attention to your diet:

Focus on lunch to keep your body in shape. Do not eat heavy meals throughout the day. Not at night at all. Breakfast will be primarily carbohydrate-heavy. low in fat Lunch: fish, salad, rice or bread, vegetables. A glass of normal water with lemon juice helps in digestion without any acidity. Moreover, it helps to increase alertness. Afternoon snack many people mean delicious food. There is no restriction to eat, but care should be taken that it does not go into the daily routine. Afternoon meal is good with fruit or fruit salad. It fills the stomach but does not make you want to eat dinner.

How you feel depends a lot on what you eat. Light foods, heavy foods, sweet foods, rich foods with oil and spices – each type of food has a different effect on your body. I am giving these small tips to be aware of yourself to stay healthy. By keeping a list of what you eat 7 days a week, you can see when and where you feel most refreshed. Estimate your daily food intake. Divide it into 4-5 portions a day. In this way keep track of 7 days and see if food / work is going well. Eat accordingly. Change if it doesn’t feel right or if you get bored.

Fruit juice should be regular

There is no comparison of fresh fruit to avoid diseases and to keep it fresh for a long time. Fruit and vegetable juices contain a lot of antioxidants that protect the body from pollutants. Take carrot juice for example. Anyone can benefit from 2-4 ounces of carrot juice daily. Carrot juice contains beta carotene which prevents diseases, improves immunity, improves vision. However, fruit juice or juice is understood by many as bottled or packaged juice in the market.

It is good to say, no matter how natural these juices are claimed to be, they contain preservatives. which is harmful to the body. Therefore, it is better to consume 100 ml fruit juice made by grinding fruit at home than 250 ml juice from the market. Sufficient nutrition is available from seasonal juicy fruits like mango, orange, malta, watermelon, kadbel, pineapple. But before making juice at home, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, do not juice fruit peels, beets etc. This is because it contains natural toxins that react with the fruit juice to reduce its nutritional value.

Work hard

Did you know that muscle tension, that is, regular stretching, keeps your spine and hip joints moving for a long time? Blood circulation in the body increases, oxygen reaches all parts of the body in a balanced manner. As a result, the body is more active, motivation comes to work. Back pain decreases after middle age. Check out its many more benefits one by one-

  • Keeps spine flexible
  • Prevents sprains by strengthening body joints
  • Increases energy in the body and mind
  • If done regularly, the problem of constipation is reduced to some extent.
  • Helps keep bones strong for a long time.

It’s best if you can create an exercise program that includes some exercise, some stretching, some aerobics. If you can do this regularly, see what benefits you will get-

  • Your heart will work better
  • Blood circulation will be good
  • Lung function will be better for a long time
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol will decrease
  • Stress won’t overwhelm you, depression will.

If you observe a little, you will see that our physical and mental well-being depends a lot on our daily life.

Effective ways to stay healthy

Check out these 10 tips

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is no time to take care of your health. As a result, there is a possibility of suffering from various diseases like weight gain and diabetes. Do not forget to skip breakfast in the morning. Because if you have breakfast you will feel energetic till evening.

1. Walk at least 5,000 steps a day. Daily walking is as important as food for health. One should walk for a while after eating. A brisk walk for half an hour in the morning can be beneficial. If you don’t have time in the morning, then walk for half an hour after dinner at night.

2. Drink a minimum eight to 9 or 10 glasses of water to stay healthy. This will keep you hydrated and also help in digesting food. Drinking water regularly removes all the toxins from the body. Drinking less water can cause constipation, dry skin and kidney problems.

3. Don’t forget to skip breakfast. A full breakfast will make you feel energetic till evening.

4. Make it a habit to eat less food at night. Eating less food at night will keep weight under control. Because of the human body has to work harder for digestion at night. That is why you should eat light and less food at night.

5. Drinking less tea and coffee keeps the body healthy. Many people drink tea and coffee habitually. But to stay healthy, keep their quantity fixed. Drinking too much harms the body.

6. Instead of tea and coffee, green tea is more beneficial for the body. It increases the metabolism of the body which makes digestion faster. As a result, the toxins accumulated in the body are quickly removed from the body. So drink green tea mixed with honey twice a day.

7. Everyone loves to eat fast food. But these type of foods are very harmful for our human body. They are high in calories. So extremely try to avoid eating fast food and outside food. If you want to lose weight, then stop eating them completely.

8. Addiction is harmful to the body as well as the mental health. Alcohol & smoking cause lung and liver diseases. So all should to stay away from addiction to stay healthy.

9. Exercise regularly. Yoga makes the body flexible, as well as being important for mental health. Yoga can keep you free from various diseases. Yoga plays an effective role in treating everything from headaches to cancer.

10. Stay away from sweets to stay healthy. As a result, blood sugar levels remain low and deadly diseases like diabetes can be avoided. In addition, eating less sweets will help you lose weight.

11. Above all, good sleep is important to stay healthy. Those who cannot sleep well at night often suffer from some disease. Good sleep affects both the body and the brain. If you don’t get enough sleep, stop drinking coffee and staying up late at night. On the other hand, try to avoid boredom. Breathing exercises and meditation help the person to stay stress free.

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