Disadvantages of Crash Diets

Disadvantages of Crash Diets

Crash Diet> I will tell you something completely different today. Adherence to diet or following diet is as important as taking medicine. But it is wrong to think of this diet chart as a mere beauty enhancement tool. Remember that diet charts are not given just for getting slim or fat. Diet charts are also given as food for various diseases. So this diet chart is very important. Let’s talk about the main topic – First let’s talk about crash diet, crash diet is not for everyone. Only for those who do not want to lose weight very quickly.

For example, someone has to lose weight within 1 month to go to Bangladesh Force. He may be given a crash diet but of course with a short follow-up. What 1 dietitian will do. But this diet chart is not applicable for everyone.

What is a crash diet?

A crash diet is a very quick way to lose weight by eating a very small amount of food. For example, if you have a need for 1800 calorie food, in that case, if the need is reduced to 700 = 800, and if the amount of sugar and fat in the food is completely reduced, a very small amount of food is given, then we can catch it as a crash diet.

There are many people who follow diet charts given by others. 1 dietitian gave 1 chart to an acquaintance, you saw that person benefited from following the chart, you started the chart. My question is, when a doctor gives someone medicine for a disease, do you consume it without showing it to the doctor?? If the answer is no, then why this negligence regarding the diet chart?

Every person has different weight, height, build, different problems, different diseases. Everyone’s food style is different. Some people are allergic to some food, some food is not digested by some, and some people have those foods on their favorite list. When someone gives a diet chart, many things have to be kept in mind. Those things are most likely not to match with you. Being fat or being too thin are two diseases. So don’t follow the chart without knowing it. See a dietician if needed.

Disadvantages of crash diet

We are very happy when crash diets work i.e. when the weight comes off very quickly. But following this diet can lead to some problems later on that you may not even realize are caused by the diet. You see the weight coming off but you don’t realize that it’s not burning fat, it’s just using your body’s stored glycogen that comes from carbohydrates. Let’s know some such problems-

  • 1. When girls start crash dieting, menstrual problems can suddenly appear. Menstruation may become irregular.
  • 2. Crash diets, or rapid weight loss, can wreak havoc on your metabolism.
  • 3. As it robs the body of essential nutrients, it robs the immune system.
  • 4. Water causes dehydration, palpitations, and increased cardiac stress. Crash diets greatly increase the risk of heart attack.
  • 5. It destroys the body’s acid-base balance and causes kidney problems.
  • 6. Crash diets increase depression and anxiety. Because without getting enough nutrients, your brain will slow down.
  • 7. Not getting enough nutrition can lead to osteoporosis in the future because your body won’t get enough calcium.
  • 8. Apart from the brain, kidneys and heart, other valuable organs of the body can slow down.
  • 9. Ketone bodies can be formed in the body.
  • 10. All these reasons can cause problems in conceiving later.
  • 11. Crash diets are never-ending cycles. Which should be followed for life, because if you give it up, you will gain weight again.

One thing to remember is that it is better to lose weight slowly. Losing 1-11/2 kg per week is too much. Don’t get yourself into trouble by reducing more than that. Don’t follow other people’s charts. There are many good dieticians in our country who are experienced in this. Take their help, and lose weight properly.


Side effects of crash diets

Generally, according to dietician, nutritionist or nutritionist, in secret, for healthy body, carbohydrate food like rice, bread, potato is said to eat less. A ‘crash diet’ in an attempt to lose weight or lose weight causes more damage to our body. Let’s learn about the downsides of crash diets…

1) Crash diets cannot, and should not, be continued for long. As a result, returning to a normal diet may lead to weight gain.

2) Crash dieting results in the body not getting the nutrients it needs. As a result, muscles gradually become weak.

3) Fear of gaining weight during crash diets can lead to fasting or other ‘eating disorders’.

4) Crash dieting at a very young age in women can lead to various menstrual disorders or irregular periods.

5) Crash dieting in women can lead to osteoporosis or bone loss if the body does not get enough calcium.

6) As a result of crash diet, if the body does not get the right amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, then the body can slowly break down due to malnutrition. Not only that, the body’s immune system also decreases.

7) As a result of crash diet, if the body does not get the necessary nutrients, the appearance of age may appear. The skin may lose its radiance.

6 Reasons Crash Diets Are Bad For Your Health

Disadvantages of Crash Diets

An extreme diet or crash diet is a process of losing a lot of weight in a short period of time. But as a result of this diet, the body and health are damaged much more than the weight loss. Many lean towards this diet to lose excess weight without knowing and understanding properly. But in crash diet, the person following the diet has to face major health risks. What kind of problems occur and why?

1. Dehydration occurs
After a few days of starting the crash diet, the weight started to fall off. But this weight loss is not very effective. Because the weight that is being lost is actually ‘water weight’, it does not lose any fat. When calories are consumed in excess of the body’s needs, the body begins to burn glycogen for energy instead of its stored fat. Water is associated with each gram of glycogen. So when glycogen starts to burn, dehydration occurs from lack of water in the body.

2. An imbalance occurs in blood sugar levels
If the body does not get a controlled amount of fiber, fat, protein and carbohydrates, it affects the blood sugar level. As a result, the blood sugar fluctuates and this leads to various symptoms of physical weakness.

3. Muscle breakdown occurs
Our body’s energy comes from calories and a sudden drop in calorie intake has a negative effect on the body’s muscles. When losing weight on a crash diet, the muscles begin to lose their strength and this leads to muscle loss.

8. Decreased metabolism
Naturally, when the body loses muscle, the metabolic rate begins to decrease along with it. By doing this, the amount of weight that should be lost in normal time and in the case of controlled exercise, is much less than that. Even after returning from a crash diet to a normal diet, it takes a long time for the metabolism to return to normal levels.

7. Nutritional deficiency
Crash diets come in many forms, and most diet guidelines call for a daily intake of less than 700 calories. Which leads to severe malnutrition or nutrient deficiency in the body despite losing weight. Due to this, the body loses strength and becomes ill quickly.

6. Brain dysfunction
Some crash diets completely eliminate carbohydrate intake, which directly affects the brain and brain function. Our brain needs carbs for proper functioning. The brain cannot function properly if it does not get the carbs it needs. This increases the level of release of Corticosterone or stress hormone. This causes problems like depression, frequent mood swings.

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