Way to Retain Youth and Increase Performance

Way to Retain Youth and Increase Performance

Way to Retain Youth

We all want to retain youth. As important as physical exercise is to maintain youth, mental exercise is just as important. By observing and maintain a few essential things anyone can keep herself forever young. So know some important and effective mind exercises and youth retention functions.

1. Take on various mental challenges
There is no way to maintain mental health without keeping the mind busy. When we were kids we used to keep our mind busy with different games. As we grow up, our stress increases. It affects mental health. So when the mind faces a challenge, the hormone Noradrenaline is secreted in our brain, which increases communication between brain cells. So keep your brain active by taking on different challenges.

2. Reminiscing old memories
Keeping the memory active is most important to keep the mind young and avoid aging. Try to recall past events or memories. You can try to remember the names of your childhood friends. Think of an important happy event that you almost forgot. You will see that as you remember happy events, your mind also gets better.

3. Physical activity to retain youth
Physical activity helps boost brain power which will help you stay young. Exercise raises your heart rate and makes your body sweat and improves your mental performance because it increases blood flow to the brain. If physical activity is not available, do small physical exercises such as jogging, brisk walking for 30 minutes, cycling, swimming or working in the garden.

4. Reduce mental stress to retain youth
Stress is 1 of the biggest barriers to our mental health. Keeping pace with the modern age, we are subjected to various stressors which reduce our performance. Prolonged stress impairs memory and causes mental illness. To survive this one has to take life simply. Take some time off from your daily or regular work. When you are upset or stressed, do something you like, such as listening to your favorite music, watching funny movies or engaging in conversation. Which will encourage you to work again.

5. Include nutritious foods in the diet
Nutritious food is the most important to keep your mental and physical health and youth. Include low-fat foods and high-fiber foods and fruits with vegetables in your diet. Eat a balanced diet & enjoy eternal physical mental both health. Since life is yours, fill it with love and light. And no matter how old you are, remember to be forever young.


Ways to increase performance

1) Sleep well
The human body is like a machine. Sleep removes the fatigue that accumulates in the body after working all day. Through sleep, the body replenishes its losses and prepares for new tasks. So don’t neglect sleep. 6 to 8 hours of sleep is sufficient for adults. So get enough sleep and start working fresh after sleep.

2) Eat nutritious breakfast
Breakfast is very important for the body after going through the night without food. Because breakfast will give you energy for the whole day. Again, breakfast inhibits the secretion of cholesterol or stress hormones in your body, resulting in less fatigue or stress in the body.

3) Always keep water close at hand
Water helps circulate blood throughout the body, keeping body cells fresh. So there is no substitute for water to keep the body functioning. So drink more water.

4) Increase food intake not quantity
Do not eat too much at one time. Eat small and frequent meals. Eating too much food requires a lot of energy for the body to digest it. So we feel tired after taking a full meal. Not only that, eating too much at one time leads to excessive calorie intake, resulting in rapid weight gain and reduced body performance. So make a habit of taking food frequently.

5) Eat nutritious and fibrous food
The fibers in fibrous foods delay the absorption of sugars during digestion, causing sugars to enter the bloodstream at a slow, moderate rate, rather than a rapid rate. Due to which the energy supply in the body is maintained. So always keep nutritious and fibrous food in the diet.

6) Take small breaks between work
Continuous work will lead to boredom and the body will become tired. As a result performance will be lost. Take short breaks between work to avoid it.

7) The role of exercise in increasing efficiency
Exercise plays an important role in improving performance and fatigue. Exercising increases blood circulation, increases heart rate and increases oxygen in the body along with rapid breathing. So the body gets more fuel in it.

8) Share feelings
Do not suppress your feelings, open your heart to a trusted friend. If not, as a result of holding back anger, sadness or grief in the mind, the body will get tired. There is no match for music to keep the mind at work. So, if you have time, you can listen to your favorite music and clean yourself up. Again, you can pick up between work, a mug of tea or coffee that will help to relieve your temporary fatigue, but definitely not too much. Increase your performance in this way. And make yourself competent in this competitive world.

Smile more

Laughter is a gift we are born with. Laughter is a natural medicine. It raises our spirits & mostly makes us feel good and happy. Laughter is something that allows us to touch and express our emotions easily. Laughter allows you to understand yourself and the world around you the most. When we smile, no thought in the world can touch us. Makes our life more vibrant and makes us physically and mentally strong. After just a few minutes of laughter, we can feel relaxed for hours.

  • Laugh more as it helps lower blood pressure.
  • Increases blood circulation in the body and increases oxygen levels in the blood and boosts immunity
  • Increases the performance of the muscles of different parts of the body, including the diaphragm and abdominals
  • It helps in reducing certain stress hormones in the body such as cortisol, adrenaline
  • Increases the activity of the body’s disease-fighting cells such as Gamma-interferon and T-cells
  • Increases memory and curiosity
  • Helps to concentrate in work or study, enhances creativity and memory
  • Helps to feel more relaxed and sleep peacefully
  • Prevents viral infections such as cold, fever, sore throat, etc.
  • Aids in digestion of food and relieves stomach pain
  • Humor may seem strange during a serious illness like cancer, we can’t imagine or feel how beneficial laughter is. Many people now believe that laughter therapy is very helpful in the cancer treatment process.
  • Attitude improves and helps lead a better life
  • Strengthens social bonds and relationships and helps to make oneself a better person.


How is laughter made?
When we see or hear a joke or comic or something funny, something happens very quickly in our brain and it happens less than half a second after seeing or hearing the joke. After listening to the joke, a shock wave is created and it reaches the left hemisphere through the neural tissue called cerebellar cortex of our brain, the left hemisphere analyzes the sound and structure of the joke and gives it to the right hemisphere, the right hemisphere understands the joke and the visual sensor area of the occipital lobe is one of the jokes.

By creating images, the limbic system then makes us feel amused or happy, and the motor section of the brain makes us smile sweetly or laugh out loud.

What can you do for a smile?
If laughter has so many virtues, let us practice smiling every day, every moment. Always look for fun facts, activities or events to keep you going. Don’t always think with logic, think everything without logic, you will see that it has become laughable. Try to always read comedy books, watch comedy films, listen to comedy cassettes.

If you don’t get your own smile, you can laugh at the smile of others, one person’s small smile can be the reason for another person’s laughter. Every day keep an eye on the pages of comics in the newspaper or read jokes online. Nowadays, you can find many pages of jokes online. You can try to do laughter meditation. You can join if there is a laughter club in the area, you can do yoga classes. You can chat with friends for some time every day.

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