Sinusitis and Sleep Problems - Home Remedies

Sinusitis and Sleep Problems - Home Remedies


Many of us have sinusitis problem. Many suffer from its pain. However, many people cannot understand whether this pain is sinusitis or migraine. What exactly is sinusitis? All the places in our body that are hollow or porous are basically called sinuses. When these sinuses are sore or inflamed due to some reason, this sore or inflammation is called sinusitis.

Symptoms of Sinusitis

The first and main symptom of this pain is headache. It is accompanied by fever and nasal congestion. Usually the intensity of sinusitis pain increases from morning to noon and can decrease in the afternoon. However, since the sinuses are more near the eyes and brain, along with the headache, pain can also occur in the area around the eyes and nose.

Home remedies for sinusitis problem

(1) Raw vegetable juice is very beneficial in reducing the effects of sinusitis. 300 ml. Carrot juice, 100 ml. Cucumber juice, 100 ml. beet juice and 200 ml. Mix spinach juice well and drink it daily.

(2) If you suffer from sinusitis, try eating foods rich in vitamin A like mango, pumpkin, egg yolk, tomato, papaya, carrot, milk and curd.

(3) Mix 100 grams of cumin seeds with 200 grams of ghee and consume daily. This is 1 of the ways to prevent this sinusitis.

(4) 1 tablespoon of black cumin can be tied in a thin cloth and smell it.

(5) Boil one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water till half. Consuming 3/4 glass every day will reduce the problem of sinusitis a lot.

(6) Smelling onion and ginger is very beneficial. These 2 ingredients have anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

(7) Drink lukewarm ginger or cinnamon tea.

(8) Cold and oily food must be avoided.

(9) You may be surprised to hear that exercise can reduce the effects of sinusitis. Exercising increases adrenaline in the body, which reduces enlarged sinus tissue.

(10) We are all more or less familiar with vinegar. This vinegar reduces mucus production and relieves us from sinusitis. Consume 2 tea-spoons of vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water three times 1 day.


Remedy for Sinusitis
Consult with a doctor if you think your headache is due to sinusitiss. In the initial stages, the doctor mainly understands the degree of sinusitis and prescribes medicines and nasal drops. If the sinusitis is more than this, it has to be arranged for washing.

Sleep problems due to sinusitis

Food and eating habits are interrelated. We should know that some foods can disrupt our sleep and some foods can help us sleep undisturbed at the right time. Why do you need good sleep? Because no matter how much we take care of our skin, if we do not sleep regularly, it is not possible to have a fresh look. Beauty is difficult to maintain without health. Now we don’t know which foods are helpful for our sleep and which are not.

Tips to help you sleep

1) Foods containing tryptophan:
Milk and milk-based foods contain tryptophan, which aids sleep. Especially hot milk. Apart from this, almonds, eggs, bananas, honey also contain this ingredient which will help reduce your sleep problems.

2) Carbohydrate or sugary foods
The right combination of sugary foods and milk-based foods can help you sleep comfortably. But must eat lightly and sparingly. For example – 2 biscuits thinly crumbed with a little milk and curd and a small loaf of bread with a little cheese.

3) Eat a very small amount of light food before going to sleep
If you suffer from insomnia, a light meal before bed may help you sleep. Never eat too much before going to sleep. Eating too much food right before bed can weaken your digestive system. Moreover, you will feel a kind of discomfort which on the contrary will take your sleep far away from you.

4) Avoid high fat food
Research has shown that people who often eat high fat and fast food not only gain weight but also have sleep problems due to weight. Their sleep cycle changes. So, avoid food like burgers and french fries from the food list and develop healthy eating habits.

5) Beware of caffeine
Many of us drink coffee upon waking up in the morning, which refreshes our body and mind. But a cup of coffee in the evening or at night may suddenly cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. It may even cause you to fall asleep late. Chocolate, tea, decaffeinated coffee contain less caffeine than coffee. If you want to sleep well at the right time, avoid caffeine 4 to 6 hours before the time you want to sleep.

6) Be careful while taking different medicines
Many medicines contain caffeine. For example, painkillers and weight loss drugs, diuretics (increases the flow of urine). Many such drugs contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee. Although it’s never okay to take any medication without a doctor’s prescription, if you have a situation that requires you to buy a medication without a doctor’s prescription, read the drug label to see if it contains any ingredients that may disturb your sleep.

7) Stay away from Alcohol
Many people may say that they fall asleep very quickly due to alcohol at night or in the evening. But you should also remember that even if you get to sleep quickly, that sleep will not be comfortable. After a while you may wake up, have strange dreams, get severe headache.

8) Do not eat anything with many spices
Eating a full meal right before going to sleep, eating something with a lot of spices – such habits are harmful to the body and will disturb your sleep. If you go to sleep, you will have a kind of discomfort that will not let you sleep. 

9) Do not eat protein before going to sleep
Protein is an very essential part of our daily diet chart. But you have to eat according to the time. The rules for night are a little different. Protein foods take a while to digest so something high in protein can be eaten before going to bed to help with sleep. For example, a glass of lukewarm milk or 2/3 of a biscuit thinly crumbed.

10) Drink water at right time
Every organ in our body needs water to function properly and for skin care. We need to drink plenty of water but you need to wake up several times at night to drink plenty of water before going to sleep. So drink plenty of water throughout the day and into the evening and reduce the amount before going to bed.

11) Avoid smoking
Don’t forget that nicotine and caffeine have almost the same effect. So don’t smoke when it’s time to sleep. Do not smoke even when you wake up late at night. So if you want a good night’s sleep, follow the right rules and try to eat foods that help you sleep.

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