Things to do before and During Pregnancy

Preparation before having a baby

Family is an important part of our social life. When a woman and a man start a new family, they have different dreams. A family is not complete without children. A couple feels the need for children soon after starting a family. This is the rule of the world. But preparation before the arrival of a new guest in a family and before having a baby is very important as a healthy and strong baby is the dream of every couple. So let the dream start well.

A successful pregnancy is said to depend on several pre-conception plans. All women can benefit if they have basic knowledge about preconception planning. Let’s know what preparations need to be made before conception.

1) Mental preparation
When you and your husband are mentally ready to try to conceive, do you want children now? Are there minimum of enough people and time to take care of the child and mom also? Can you handle having a child in the middle of a career? Is there a good understanding between the two? Are you currently mentally upset? Ask yourself these questions. If the answer is yes, then you are mentally fit and prepared and perfect. If the reader doesn’t get the answer, think twice before trying to conceive.

What to do for the health of mother and child during pregnancy

2) Financial preparation
Although it is said that money is the root of evil. Still, life is stagnant without money. So if you want to bring a new guest in your family, try to secure his future as much as you can. Because child rearing is very expensive nowadays. So if you want to get pregnant, think about the financial aspect first. You can also make a plan. A fixed deposit or insurance can be taken before conception. It will secure the future of your unborn child. Besides, a certain amount of money should be deposited during the trying period of conception. Because money is needed during pregnancy, child birth and after child birth.

3) Physical preparation
Medical Checkup: If you want to conceive, plan a special time for conception. Then do a medical checkup. By doing this, you can know whether your body is ready to take a child? Because giving birth to a healthy baby depends on a healthy and fit mother. That’s why pre-conception, pre-pregnancy checkup or pre-conception checkup should be done. Because some medical conditions and lifestyle factors affect conception, and even the ability to conceive.

Essential Checkup List

If you are trying to conceive and have used birth control before, tell your doctor when to stop using it. Doctors usually recommend stopping birth control a few months before trying to conceive. You need to have some regular periods before you can conceive. This helps to determine the time of delivery of the baby after conception.

Perform health and other tests. If you have any disease, try to cure it. Even if your husband has any illness, he needs to be treated. Then the doctor will do some physical tests like your weight, blood pressure and check if your hips are healthy. Because very small and compressed hips cause complications during childbirth. So if the test is done beforehand, your doctor will take action accordingly during delivery. A couple can become infertile for many reasons. Both men and women can be responsible for this. Therefore, if a problem is detected by proper examination, the problem should be treated.

A pap test should be done to find out if there is any problem with the cervix. Because a successful delivery depends on a healthy uterus and uterus. Also check for diabetes, high blood pressure. Because these diseases cause serious problems during pregnancy and later. So control them before pregnancy and follow the doctor’s advice. Besides, it is better to do HIV and herpes tests because it is risky to get pregnant if they are present.

Also if you are going to be a mother for the second time and if you had any of the following problems during your previous pregnancy-

  1. Child loss
  2. Infant death at birth
  3. Having a baby prematurely
  4. Having problems in the body structure of the child

If these things happen, you need to be more careful while having the next child and conceive as per the doctor’s advice. If you and your husband have a family history of genetic problems, consult a genetic counselor. If you have asthma, diabetes, depression and any other medications, avoid taking them while trying to conceive and consult your doctor. Because there is a chance of the child being disabled.

Get vaccinated against rubella, chicken pox in advance. Also, after 15 years of age, all girls should get the TT vaccine. Wait at least 1 month after receiving any vaccine before trying to conceive. Take care of your teeth. See a dentist if you have dental problems. Because it is proven that if there is any disease in the gums, the baby is born underweight and prematurely.


Important Tips

If you have a regular period of 28 days then trying to conceive between the 10th and 18th day of your period is the most likely to get pregnant, and those with irregular periods subtract 18 from the time of their shortest period and the longest period. She can calculate her ovulation date by subtracting 10 from her period. For example, if someone is menstruating between 26 to 31 days, then 26-18 = 8 and 31-10 = 21, that is, trying to conceive from the 8th day to the 21st day of her period is more likely to succeed. Also, be sure to ask your doctor some questions:

  • When to stop birth control?
  • Calculate the date of ovulation.
  • What are the symptoms to know that you are pregnant?

These are usually seen as non-menstrual, breast enlargement, morning sickness. After that, a pregnancy test should be done to be sure.

What to do for the health of mother and child during pregnancy

What to do for the health of mother and child during pregnancy

1. Diet and exercise
During the first three months, the baby’s organs are formed. During this time, the mother must eat nutritious food. Children can be disabled by drinking alcohol and cigarettes. Eat fibrous food, fish and meat, fruits and vegetables. Care must be taken to see if the urine and toilet are in order. Light exercise should be done but heavy work should not be done. Do not bend or stoop. Be careful while walking. We all know these but do not follow them properly. You should be aware of your child’s future.

2. Treatment
Blood test of expectant mother should be done before delivery. Along with blood type test some tests should be done which will rule out any congenital diseases in the baby. TORCHES TEST is essential. Many people do not know that syphilis can be congenital. German measles can also cause organ problems in children. AIDS can also be congenital. Pregnant mothers should be vaccinated against Dhanushtankar. ANTENATAL at least 13 visits should be done to know the physical condition of the baby and the condition of the mother. By looking at the baby’s head and body structure, the doctor must confirm whether it is Caesarean or normal, which will be a better option.

Some danger signs during pregnancy

  • 1. Bleeding,
  • 2. Headache / blurred vision,
  • 3. Twisting more than 4 times per hour,
  • 4. fever,
  • 5. Decreased movement of the baby,
  • 6. Swelling of the feet
  • 7. vomiting

If you have any of these, you should see a doctor immediately.



A healthy environment can only give birth to a healthy child. If you read religious books at this time, if you dream of a beautiful child, it is possible to give birth to a beautiful, healthy child in reality. It is now scientifically proven that there is a spiritual relationship between mother and child. So the mother should be happy, the family should also support the mother.

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