Medicinal Properties of Mushrooms

Mushroom is a chlorophyll-free fungal plant and a new type of vegetable that is completely halal, tasty, nutritious and full of high nutritional and medicinal properties. It contains 25-30% protein which is highly refined and pure. It contains useful sugars and fats. That is why mushrooms act as preventive and antidote for various complex diseases. Let’s learn about the medicinal properties of mushrooms along with their nutritional value!

Some medicinal properties of mushrooms

1. Preventing diseases of pregnant mothers and children
Mushrooms have a combination of nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that improve the body’s immune system. Due to the abundance of Niocin and ascorbic acid or vitamin C, mushrooms are useful in preventing diseases like scurvy, pellegra etc. in children and pregnant mothers.

2. Prevention of polyuria
Sugary and fatty foods are harmful to patients with polyuria or diabetes. Being low in fat and sugars and high in fiber, mushrooms are especially beneficial for diabetics and are an ideal food for diabetics. Regular consumption can reduce blood sugar.

3. Mushrooms to prevent skin diseases
Mushrooms are especially useful in curing various skin diseases. Anti-dandruff medicine is made from oyster mushroom extract.

4. Prevents high blood pressure and heart disease
Eritadenin (Eritadenin), Lovasatin (Lovastatin), Antadenin (Antadenin), chitin (Kitine) and vitamins B, C and D are one of the ingredients of cholesterol reduction in mushrooms. High blood pressure (high blood pressure) and heart disease can be cured by eating mushrooms regularly.

5. In the formation of teeth and bones
Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus also. These elements are very effective in building children’s teeth and bones.

6. Cancer and tumor prevention
Mushrooms contain Beta-D, Lampetrol, Turpinoid and Benzo Pyrene which prevent cancer and tumors. It has been claimed that the incidence of cancer has been low for the past century because the French eat enough mushrooms. Recently, a study by the National Cancer Institute of Japan showed that mushrooms have the ability to fight cancer.

7. Mushrooms prevent AIDS
Mushrooms contain triterpin (Triterpin), currently it is used in the world as an AIDS prevention.

8. Mushrooms to cure dysentery
Mushrooms contain Eludin M & S which is useful in dysentery.

9. Hyper tension
Mushrooms are rich in sphingolipid and vitamin-12, which keeps the nervous system and spinal cord healthy. So eating mushrooms removes hypertension and keeps the spine strong.

10. Stomach distress or provide easily digestible protein
Mushrooms are rich in protein. This protein is easy to digest, tasty and delicious obviously. Mushrooms have enough enzymes (Enzyme) especially trypsin (Trypsin) and Jerkros (Jerkros) released from the pancreas, so mushrooms help digestion and digestion, enhance taste and relieve stomach pain.

11. To prevent kidney disease
Due to the presence of Nucleic Acid and Anti-Allergen in mushroom and low sodium content, it prevents kidney diseases and allergic diseases.

12. Prevents hair fall and graying
Mushrooms contain a large amount of amino acids that provide sulfur, so eating them regularly prevents hair loss and graying.

13. To protect eyesight
Mushroom mineral salts are also appreciated for protecting the eyesight.

14. Hepatitis-B and Jaundice
Mushrooms contain a large amount of folic acid, iron and Linkzai-8 amino acid, preventing hepatitis-B and jaundice.

15. Anemia or anemia
If anemia occurs in the body, eating mushrooms regularly can get rid of it. Include mushrooms in your daily diet. The presence of mushrooms will make your diet nutritious and attractive.

A beautiful smile makes us all feel good. We hear many say that his pearls fall with laughter. Such a pearly smile requires beautiful, clean, odor-free and sparkling white teeth. Many people have yellow or black teeth. They feel embarrassed about it. Let’s know today how to get rid of yellow teeth. Let the teeth be sparkling white!


Causes of yellow teeth

01. With age, the absorption capacity of various minerals and vitamins decreases. Therefore calcium absorption capacity decreases. Calcium is one of the building blocks of teeth. Therefore, the calcium absorption capacity is reduced due to the lack of strength and health of the teeth. The color of the teeth changes and becomes black.

02. Different people have different tooth colors. Many people have yellow teeth due to genetics.

03. Diet affects the color of our teeth. Eg – Tea, Coffee, Cola, Cigarette, Acidic Juice. Eating too much of certain medications and highly colored foods can turn the color of teeth dark or yellow.

04. If you smoke and drink with jorda, your teeth will turn black or reddish in color. Because it contains nicotine which destroys tooth enamel.

05. Some chemicals and drugs change the color of teeth.

06. Even if you don’t brush your teeth properly, your teeth are yellow.


Ways to whiten teeth

For teeth whitening you must keep your teeth clean. What to do for this is –

Brush – Brush regularly after 3 meals. Fluoride toothpaste should be used. Brush and toothpaste should be changed every 3 months.

Flossing – Must floss after brushing. It will remove the stuck food inside the teeth.

Mouthwash – Rinse with a good antiseptic mouthwash. It destroys bacteria.

Drink water – You need to drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated. Water washes food away from the mouth. Food does not stick to it. As a result, bacteria cannot grow and the teeth do not smell or stain. Do not drink tap water containing iron. It turns the teeth yellow or black.

Avoid – coffee, tea, smoking, alcohol. Brush your teeth immediately after eating highly colored foods.

Some natural tips for teeth whitening


Baking soda

  • It is incomparable to teeth whitening –
  • – Soak a brush with baking soda and brush your teeth for sparkling white teeth.
  • – Brushing teeth with salt and 1 pinch of baking soda whitens teeth.
  • Also, brushing teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth.
  • – Malic acid is needed for white teeth. You can make it with strawberries and baking soda. Then rub it on the teeth and wait for 5 minutes and then wash the teeth and do it once a week.

You can also do –

  • 01. Brushing teeth with charcoal whitens teeth. But care should be taken that the charcoal should be sterile and the charcoal should be finely ground otherwise it will cause pain while brushing the teeth.
  • 02. Lemon and salt mixture – Brushing teeth with a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon whitens teeth.
  • 03. Rubbing the inside of an orange peel whitens the teeth.
  • 04. Eating strawberries whitens teeth. Nowadays, this fruit is also available in our country or eating fruits rich in vitamin C keeps the teeth white.
  • 05. Brushing teeth with apple cider and white vinegar whitens teeth.
  • 06. Mint leaves are very beneficial. It whitens teeth.
  • 07. Sugar free chewing gum makes teeth whiter.
  • 08. Green tea contains a lot of fluoride. Besides, it is anti-acidic and prevents yellowing of teeth.
  • 09. Eat mushrooms. It is rich in polysaccharides. Which destroys bacteria and prevents dental plaque.
  • 10.Also girls can use blue beige lipstick to make their teeth look whiter.

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