Maternity Spots Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Maternity Spots>> A sudden weight gain during pregnancy leads to stretch marks on the skin which are medically known as striae gravidarum. Some scars go away with time and sometimes scars remain even after childbirth. Mothers get worried, but if you are a little aware, the feeling of spotting can be reduced to some extent. Not only stomach, but also breast or thigh can be seen. 70-90% of mothers get scars on their abdomen, and 90% get scars on some part of their body. Tearing of the dermis is also a sign of pregnancy. Let’s know the symptoms, causes and treatment of maternity spots on the stomach in detail.

Symptoms and Causes of Maternity Spots on Belly

  • 1. Red bruises.
  • 2. Burning and itching.
  • 3. Decreased pigmentation.
  • 4. Part of the scar becomes like a hole.
  • 5. Can be on both sides vertically from the top of the navel to the bottom.

The reason is not very complicated. Abdominal skin ruptures due to pressure. The hormones relaxin, estrogen, and cortisol increase, causing deposition of mucopolysaccharides that absorb water from connective tissue. As a result, when the tension falls, it easily creates scars at that place. Those with a higher body mass index or older children are more prone to scarring. Maternity marks are easily visible in younger girls.

Pregnancy stretch marks can be removed in no time. There is a little more practical solution. One of the problems that mothers face during childbirth is called stretch marks. White or black spots on the stomach. Many people get rid of stretch marks. Many do not want to go easy again. However, if you are a little aware during pregnancy, you will get rid of these spots. During pregnancy, a mother carries about two liters of water in her stomach. The baby is carried in this belly for about forty weeks. The belly also grows with the baby. Naturally, the stomach becomes tense, resulting in scarring. First reddish then black or white.

Remove belly spots

Add fish, vegetables and various grains to your diet during pregnancy. You can eat foods containing vitamin ‘E’ and ‘C’, carrots or broccoli, tea without sugar. Drink plenty of water. Walking or moving blood circulation in the body is done properly. As a result, you can avoid stomach stains. You can do some light exercise or swimming on doctor’s advice. Bathing first with lukewarm water and then with cold water improves blood circulation. If done early in the pregnancy, there is less chance of spotting.

Tanya Franz, a German pharmacist, says applying almond oil twice a day without fragrances or chemicals is less likely to cause scarring. Almond oil softens the skin. Of course, the oil should be massaged slowly starting from the navel and moving around. Most if not 100% will be stain free. However, one can consult a dermatologist to know some medicines, oil-cosmetics and their uses.

Prevention and treatment

Olive and castor oil
Olive oil works best. In today’s era, mothers use many things like creams. Whenever you get pregnant, talk to your doctor about which cream or oil is right for you. 0.1% tretinoin cream, lotion, moisturizer can be used. Castor oil also works well.

Laser therapy

20% glycolic acid, 10% ascorbic acid along with zinc sulfate and tyrosine can be used for scarring. Using bio skin care (biological activator) will help heal razor burn. It contains skin growth factor. Also removes damaged skin collagen cells. It has no side effects and is expected to not harm even your baby’s skin. Laser therapy works well in many cases. But before taking any decision you should see a good dermatologist. Nothing can be done without doctor’s advice. Nothing to break down emotionally. Convince yourself that this is a very normal thing. All mothers have it. Don’t worry if it looks bad.

Your anxiety can affect your child. Think nice things. Think about how to take proper care of the child. Someone who loves you will love you in any situation. There is nothing to be discouraged here. Think how many childless mothers there are in the world. How happy you are! You may have to make some concessions to get this endless blessing of Allah. There is no better way than to convince yourself.

Why black spots on the face and neck?

Many mothers have black spots on their face and neck. It is also called cholasma or melasma. Anyone can get these spots due to stress. However, it is found to be higher in women due to pregnancy stress. At this time, the melanocytes are stimulated to produce more melanin under the influence of hormones released from the women’s body. The question may be when? When exposed to sunlight. Cholasma is more common in people with light brown skin. In addition, many people may have genetic reasons. Mothers with thyroid disease are more likely to develop it. Stress can cause the release of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone.

Azelaic acid, chemical peel, microabrasion, dermabrasion, galvanic acid, ultrasound facials, topical cream-gel, laser, IPL are used in the treatment of cholasma. Hydroquinone is also used, it blocks the tyrosinase enzyme so melanin cannot be produced. Basically, a good dermatologist should be consulted. And the biggest need is self-counseling. Many people become emotionally disturbed by skin changes. Understanding yourself will give you a lot of peace of mind.


Removing glasses stains on the sides of the nose

You may think that wearing glasses will cause such stains! But wearing glasses doesn’t mean you have to walk around with spots on either side of your nose. All it takes is a little effort. And that will start to lighten the spots on both sides of the nose. If you are suffering from such problem then you need to know the solution.

Uses of Cucumber
Everyone knows that eating cucumber keeps the skin beautiful. In addition to eating, cucumber can also be used on the skin. Regular use of cucumber juice can easily remove skin blemishes. You can extract the juice of cucumber and use it on the spots or you can also use slices of cucumber. No matter how you use it, the stain will go away. But should be used daily.

Aloe vera will remove the spots
Aloe vera is well known for its use in removing skin blemishes. Like all blemishes, this aloe vera also removes the scars caused by glasses. Cut a fresh aloe vera leaf and extract the gel inside. Apply the gel on the stain and leave it overnight. Wash off with clean water in the morning. If you use it like this for a month, you will get benefit.

Uses of orange peel
Orange peel is very effective in skin care. After eating an orange, keep its peel dry. You can use the dried peel powder for cosmetic purposes. Orange peel will also help to remove stains on both sides of the nose. Take half teaspoon of orange peel powder. Mix little milk with it. Now use that mixture on the spots. Wash off with clean water after twenty minutes. If you use this regularly, the spots will disappear quickly.

Lemon juice is also effective
Lemon juice is very effective in removing blemishes. Take a little lemon juice and apply it lightly on the spot. Leave it like this for ten minutes and then wash it off. You can use it daily before bath. You can use lemon juice mixed with a little honey to keep the skin moist.

Potato juice will remove stains
Potato juice is very effective in removing skin blemishes. Apart from lightening blemishes, it also removes dead skin cells. As a result, the skin becomes brighter. Grate a small potato and extract the juice. Now use it on the stain. After ten minutes wash it with cold water. If you use it daily like this, you will get benefits.

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