Children's Health and Safe use of the Internet

Children's Health and Safe use of the Internet

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Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. We believe that a man’s destiny and future depend on his present actions. Simply put, our children today are working for both their future and ours. But how healthy are these future creators of ours? Are we sure that their mental development is being done properly?

Child Mental Health

We know that in order to be healthy, a person needs to be physically healthy as well as mentally well. We have been working on children’s physical health for a long time. Our government, administration, various NGOs are united to keep children physically healthy. But have we reached more advanced stages yet?

We can see physical health. When we look at malnourished or sick children, we understand their problems, but we cannot see inside a child with our naked eyes. When a child becomes mentally weak, the whole world becomes tasteless to him. In this age of technology, kids no longer want dolls to play with, they want mobile tabs. They are more updated than you. Today we will talk about children’s mental well-being, health and safe Internet.

Child mental health needs

We usually call the color of the sky blue. Some call the color of the sky white. Most people call the color of the sky white or blue. Very few people say the color of the sky is black. Now the question is where the blue, white and black color of the sky is related to the mentality? Those of us who perceive the daytime sky are those who perceive the sky as white or blue. Those who think more of night sky or cloudy sky see black sky. It is entirely up to us. A child can think hundreds of times more than an adult can think.

We often see young children asking us various questions with great curiosity. Some questions we can answer, some we avoid. Children are more inclined to answer questions that we cannot or do not want to answer. Now, whatever answer you give to your child, your child will accept that answer as true. But the question you avoid will be answered by your child and the chances of learning the wrong answer from the wrong person are high.

One wrong answer can completely destroy your child’s mental health. Inquisitive minds seek answers. A wrong answer could lead your kids astray. We often see in the news that a friend is being killed by a friend or somewhere a child commits suicide. Who is responsible for these? Behind them is the full responsibility of mental health.

Internet and children’s mental well-being

Internet for all. Internet for you too. Internet for me too. You can find anything you want on the internet. I can also look up anything I want on the internet. Even our soft-hearted tender children can find what they want. Internet is now available next to the house for 10 rupees. This cheap internet is being used by our children for both good and bad purposes. During covid 19 our children were doing online classes all day long. Have you watched your child in class the whole time? Someone opened a tab in the browser and Facebooked, played games. Our children are now very advanced.

Good things are easy to find on the internet, bad things are more. Many anonymously chatting sites can be found by searching on Google. You can easily chat with anyone with wrong name and address and even misbehave if you want. Therefore, the child’s mental health and internet safety are very important.

Old, young, children all have a fascination for forbidden things. Your child is learning many things on the internet without you noticing. The accessibility of porn is a serious threat to children. Many times porn sites have been banned in our country. Yet it proves a condition as if you were surviving a Himalayan Konkan winter with little food.

Every child’s attitude was supposed to be gentle, but children curiously embrace the awkward aspects of the Internet and become violent. If we look at abuse or exploitation of children by adults today, we will find that every abuser has learned violence from childhood. Many parents still want to keep their children away from the Internet only because of the negative teachings they get from the Internet.

Various organizations have arranged free internet safety courses for children, but it has not yet been implemented for all levels. Still, many boys and girls share their social site passwords with others, many boys and girls are subjected to abuse in their inboxes, and remain silent. Internet abuse and unsafe Internet use appear to be responsible for adverse effects on children’s mental health.


5 Ways to Control Children’s Safe Internet Use

  1. It is important for every parent to control and manage safe internet usage for healthy child development. 5 suitable methods for this are:
  2. Use a parental control e-mail account. It can be used to monitor what the child is watching. Children under 13 will be recommended by Google to use this e-mail address after adding their date of birth at the time of opening the e-mail account.
  3. There are other apps like YouTube Kids, Safe Browser-Parental Control and Security that can be installed to prevent adult content from appearing in other apps.
  4. For Facebook and Messenger, open a child version of the Internet account and allow children to use it. In that case, parents have the opportunity to supervise even if they use it.
  5. Check if the company from which the internet connection is being taken has a Safe Internet for Kids feature on their service. If family elders using the same Internet connection or Wi-Fi view harmful content, other mobiles connected to the IP address following that IP address from the Internet are shown the same content. So family elders should also be careful.

What Parents should do

Children's Health and Safe use of the Internet

This article deals with the role of parents in children’s emotional well-being. I am trying to give some ways and dos below:

  • Take the children to the playground under your supervision 2 days a week and ensure the provision of sports or walks.
  • If the child wants to use electronic devices at home, then he has to set time to use the devices.
  • As a parent, you can keep your child’s password to yourself, but explain the password to the child in a way that does not embarrass him.
  • Invite your child’s school and good playing friends to your home. This allows you to check exactly who your child is spending time with or whether they are suitable for your child at all.
  • You can check your child’s web history regularly.
  • Can inform children about cybercrime.
  • Children should be given a clear idea about the harmful aspects of pornography
  • Children need a little extra time and care when they are upset or depressed.


There is no end to what parents can do to ensure the child’s mental health and safe Internet. Children of today are the carriers of tomorrow. It is our duty to ensure their physical and mental health. But most of our parents are now affected by the internet, due to which we also cannot keep our temper. In this mechanical life, our children have no safe haven without their parents. When those parents don’t pull them close, don’t accept them as friends, then they are not the only ones to blame if the children resort to the Internet.

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